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Here are a couple of parody newscasts I did, based on some very funny stuff I found at a now defunct website called “The Sugar Beet.” 

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LDS News Digest, part 1

Part 2 of the LDS News Digest.  Don’t miss the “commercial” that goes in between the segments.  It is called “The Cafinator.”

LDS News Digest, part 2

Originally created for a Diet-Coke-loving friend who moved to Utah to work at a Church-owned company, the Cafinator is a product I kind of wish really existed...

The Cafinator

Our son Phillip sent this to us from his mission in Houston, Texas.  After a torrential downpour in Magnolia, his missionary companion, Elder Hepworth, rode his bike into a puddle...

LDS missionary takes the plunge

This video for Primary children explores why we sing, especially why we sing in church.  I envision the video being presented in Primary during singing time, or at home.  It is meant to educate and inspire children to want to sing in church. Show it to your junior or senior Primary, and when it is done, simply ask "Why do we sing?" Consider also bearing your own testimony of the power of music.

This video is a visual allegory of Maurice Durufle's transcendent Requiem, op. 9.  It is performed by the Portland Choir and Orchestra with special guest artist: Mormon Tabernacle Organist Clay Christiansen.