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James Purser experienced great events during his lifetime.  Born in a bucolic hamlet in Wales, just as the industrial revolution took hold, he lived to see some of the most important changes in all of human history--radio, the telephone, the automobile, the airplane, motion pictures, air conditioning--even the zipper. 

He joined the Mormon church during its dramatic British expansion, then followed his faith to Utah.  He lived a good life, steady in his faith, and his children kept the faith.  His youngest son, Louis, had 8 children, one of whom, Marvilla Purser, was my grandmother.  She carried forward both the strength of the Purser character and the strength of the Purser faith.

This page includes both the 20 page biography, a short YouTube documentary (see links below) and a photo album of digitized photos that you are welcome to download (see link above).

Brad Goodwin

Vancouver, Washington

July 2017

James Purser
Welsh mariner and Mormon emigrant

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